Entrepreneurial Leaders

In our case, it is limited to entrepreneurial folks who are in the specialties or niches of real estate, business, entertainment, coaching and therapy – the heroes or potential heroes or heroines – who have been in their chosen business long enough to be off and running.

These people already know how to show up for life and business but now feel they can do it even better. They are now ready to take time out to notice or observe how they are showing up in the world and are brave enough to look at themselves to see, if perhaps, they have other choices they can make which will produce much better results. This typically results in a freer and less stressful life.

Our real estate coaching helps real estate licensees become much more productive real estate agents with much less stress. Learn from our professional real estate coach, Roy Argall, how you can reach the success level of your dreams.

An entrepreneurial real estate leader is someone who is serving in a professional role as broker, owner, manager or any combination of the three in a real estate office. Our usage here of an entrepreneurial real estate leader also includes a real estate team leader who may or may not currently have a team in place but is in the process of moving in that direction. It could also be someone who is a top producer in an office or of a team or is about to become one.


Our Real Estate Clients’ Transactional Results

It is a proven fact that typically real estate licensees subconsciously choose to be in one of the following annual six stages, levels or categories:

Zero to 24 transactions.
24 to 40 transactions.
40 to 70 transactions.
70 to 120 transactions.
120 to 260 transactions.
Over 260 transactions.


Our clients often consciously choose to move the number of their transactions up at least one level and they are able to do it with much less work and much less stress.


Our Real Estate Clients’ Financial Results

Our clients often notice that they financially:

Triple their Dollar Volume.
Triple their Gross Commission Income.
Decrease their business expenses – often personally too.
Significantly increase their Net Income.
Are able to increase their philanthropic giving.



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Entrepreneurial Business Executive coaching works with entrepreneurs such as real estate professionals and business executives from a variety of businesses. Let our real estate professional coaching and business entrepreneurial coaching program show you how you too can be as successful as possible by teaching you how to create your own systems for success.

An entrepreneurial business executive is a leader in his or her field but wants to rise above the mediocrity to reach his or her full potential, personally and professionally. This person has similar principles and characteristics as a real estate entrepreneur and can learn much from this business model.  
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We offer professional coaching to entertainment creatives who are involved in the music industry, theater or the visual arts so they can free themselves from the self-defeating mind chatter that holds them back from the success level that they know they can achieve.

An entrepreneurial entertainment creative is someone who is a leader in the arts and/or an entertainment field. We have worked with people in the audio and the visual industry, from music to movies as well as top theatrical decision makers. We have helped individuals unleash their hidden creativity to be more successful leaders in their unique industries.

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Psychotherapists and Professional Coaches

  Leadership coaching helps entrepreneurial Psychotherapists and Professional Coaches who would like to grow their business further by developing their business leadership skills. It is all about learning how to be intuitively brave in order to be able to help their patients and/or clients go where they thought they would never really have the courage to go.

An entrepreneurial Psychotherapist or Professional Coach is someone who has already done some or all of his or her psychiatric or coach training and is now looking to become more masterful in his or her profession. These professionals are seeking to learn some advanced marketing skills so he or she can take his or her business to the next level.

One of the advantages of working with us is that therapists and coaches use many of the same marketing tools as those used in the real estate profession. The fundamental entrepreneurial aspects of the three businesses are very similar.

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