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The DISC personality profile assessment system is a widely-recognized system that lets people see how they show up in the world. One way to observe people is to notice how they do things, There is a belief that: "How you do anything is how you do everything!" When one sees how they show up on paper, it is a start to giving them the power and the permission to change the way they show up in business and life.



Once you have registered by clicking on the Start Now button, you will receive a link to the online DISC profile. Typically within a few hours, but certainly no later than the morning of the next business day, you will receive an online link to take your DISC profile.

Experience a coaching consultation

Upon completion of your DISC profile online test, you will be given a number to call to schedule a 45 minute coaching session to discuss your DISC results with a certified coach. After that, if you choose, you can experience two more complementary coaching sessions!

Experience two more coaching consultations

On your 2nd and 3rd coaching calls you will have an opportunity to discuss what has been going on in your life and business up to now, what your plans and dreams are for the future and where you are choosing to go from here!
During these three calls - all for a minimal $95.00 investment - you and your coach will have an opportunity to intuitively feel if coaching is right for you at this time.
If it turns out that there is an indication that you would best profit from one of the number of real estate training programs that are currently available, your coach will be happy to recommend the one that will most likely produce the results you are seeking.
If there is an indication that you would be best served from a real estate mentoring program, your coach will be happy to recommend one that would most likely produce good results for you or how you can go about finding a great one.
If there is an indication that a real estate consulting program seems best, your coach will be happy to recommend one of these to you.
On the other hand, if there is an indication that you feel that coaching seems to be right for you at this time, your coach will discuss with you what you might expect to gain from an investment in your time, energy and money. At that time, you will have the choice to decide if you would like to move forward to work with coaching.
We have created this extraordinary opportunity to determine if coaching will work for you, the client, as well as if you are a good-fit client for us to work with as coaches.

Our coaching service agreement is established on a month-to-month basis and can be completed at the end of any month.