We specialize in helping you quiet the voices in your head

We are not a Training Program

Unfortunately, this rules out our working with new agents who are just starting out or with people who need fundamental training, as there are a number of very competent training programs available from franchisers, real estate schools, real estate trainers and the market generally.


We are not a Mentoring Program

We also do not work with agents and professionals in a mentoring capacity. Mentoring involves following an expert around and repeating his or her processes as a success pattern. This works very well if the follower is a duplicate of the mentor and has the rigor to repeat another person's patterns for long periods of time. There are a number of very successful mentoring programs in the marketplace.


We are not a Consulting Program

We are not a consulting firm, group or company. Consultants study your way of doing business and generally come up with specific recommendations, as to how you can improve your business. Here again, there are a many very competent consultants and consulting programs in the field.

We are a Coaching Program

We coach people to help them quiet the voices in their heads - you know, like the ones that are holding you back from moving to your next level. Coaching involves very careful listening to a person's stories, determining their underlying moods, what their current predominant emotions are and how all of that is affecting how they show up in the world. It also is a place where the coach can and should hold up a mirror and ask them if that is how they chose to show up in the world. It also is a safe haven but one where a masterful coach will ask a client for permission to have them look at a new or sensitive area of their lives. This is coaching and this is what we do!

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