C. Roy argall


What we do is based on our core values, which for me are competent, sane and fun! We will help you discover your own core values.
We believe that by our working together, it will help make the lives of the people we work with more fulfilling (generally less work and more profit), balanced (generally in the now) and fun (if you have to ask, we are in trouble!).
We value our broad, multidimensional, credentialed professional coaching backgrounds obtained from attending a variety of accredited and certified life coach and business coach training programs.
We value our decades of successful, entrepreneurial multi-faceted, real estate and business experience which makes us recognized real estate and business authorities. We draw from this wealth of real estate experience and do not have to guess which real estate program or business answer will work best for YOU. [Competent]
We value seeing people succeed as measured by working less and earning more money as a result of being more authentic, and living in the now – yet at the same time valuing the lessons learned in the past and optimistically looking forward to the future. [Sane]
The combination of backgrounds – real estate coaching and life coaching – gives us the ability to really listen and to hear what is being said, as well as what is not being said. This engenders trust in us by our clients and, of course, what they say is always held as confidential information. [Fun]



We hold that the client is naturally creative, resourceful and whole (you are not broken and in need of fixing). This means that it is YOU the client, and not the business coach or life coach who has the answers. The business coach or life coach’s job is to help YOU, find your own best answers.

Many coaches or coaching programs will try to tell you that they have the answers and all you have to do is follow their program (usually does not work). We never say that you must or need to “…”.

The agenda comes from YOU, the client, and not from the business coach or life coach. A masterful life coaching program addresses the client’s whole life. This means that you can feel free to bring up any topic that you would like to talk about. We dance in the moment. This means that what comes up is discussed. Usually, these are where the learning is the deepest and the opportunity for transformational changes is the highest.

Our professional coaching program is not just about business, but about how your life and work interact. For example, if your spouse, partner, child, etc. is ill, it would be a miracle if you could fully focus on work.






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